Why Choose D.R. Saur?

D.R. Saur was founded on the long standing values of hard work, exceptional personal service, and uncompromising integrity. We are committed to managing money based on these principles.

We seek first to understand the financial goals of our clients and then collaborate with them to develop an effective, adaptable financial plan to ensure that they are able to enjoy the benefits of careful financial planning.

Because our experienced advisors are fully licensed and independent, they are able to provide objective investment advice that is flexible, informed, and designed for each individual. They recommend only those investments that they genuinely believe to be in the best interest of each client. Since we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, we are dedicated to knowing each client personally and will tailor our advice to that client’s unique situation. We seek to utilize smart investments that will achieve solid returns while avoiding extraordinary risks.

After creating a financial road map, we monitor portfolio progress and invite each client for an annual review to ensure that we are on track for the desired destination. We also welcome any client’s request for a review at any time.

Our resourceful team at D.R. Saur Financial is committed to providing exceptional personal care. We don’t simply want to provide good customer service. Instead, we have a brave ambition to provide the best service you will ever experience. We answer the phone when you call; we want to know you, to understand your situation, and to be your family office. We want lifelong relationships with our clients and their families.

At D.R. Saur Financial, we build investor peace of mind through investments, service, and integrity.